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Wedding Venue In Auckland-Highridge

If you are looking for a perfect place for your wedding and you also love farmland sight so there is a great option for your best day is Wedding Venue in Auckland Highridge. Highridge is a luxury and deluxe villa which is situated on the top of hills with overlooking farmland in the Waitakere area.

It takes only drive of 25-30 minutes from the Auckland town center. It is an example of a perfect wedding venue to have a beautiful and charming scenery at your special day. Highridge is surrounded by a cool breeze and great nature.

As soon as you leave the motorway and then drive through the Henderson, the whole scene of nearby changes and turn into the township with fuss and then into a beautiful green and charming views of rural areas and sprawling vineyards that contain goat, ships, horses and alpaca. All thing of nature and rural will warmly welcome you as you near your destination. Charming sheep, bushes and fruit trees are all part of this high ridge unique location.

As you just enter the gate and reach to the house at the hilltop, then you will feel as you have been transported to the Tuscan Villa The house is toned and decorate with neutral shade but the inner side of the house is decorated. As you passed from the front door you found two giant lounge rooms, and each has its own fireplace. From here you got direct and straight access to the outdoor area. These rooms are very big and with plenty of light. And also create a great open flow for entertaining and relaxing.

Wedding venue Auckland-Highridge have one guest room, this guest room shows the view of courtyard on the ground floor. Besides this, there are three more bedrooms which are located upstairs. The decoration of these rooms are really stunning, painted in different themes, so you can enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding farmland from the Balconies during the day time and early in the morning.

Each bedroom has its own balcony. It has under floor heater, chef’s kitchen, and a laundry chute. These houses floors consist of Italian tiles. Many of the fixtures and all the fittings were handmade just to suite the house not only this you can enjoy the glittering sight of the night sky after sunset and the glimpsy morning.

Highridge will take care of your memorable moments and will cater to any situation whether it is your

  • Family trip
  • Anniversaries
  • Wedding ceremonies or any reception

Packages also included

  • Hairdressers and makeup artist( not only for the bridal party but also for every event)
  • Finger food lunch
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Transport to the ceremony

Highridge will provide you every setting for the memories that you make and will cherish.

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